New Year New You

Dec 6, 2021 | 1 comment

-by Judi George

The new year brings new beginnings.  A fresh start.  Many of us make resolutions at the beginning of the year.  We commit year after year to a healthier lifestyle.  More often than other promises we make to ourselves, the lifestyle changes we want the most include; eating better and exercising more.

I am making a commitment to walking this year.  To help stay motivated I will be using 99 Walks.  This is an app that will track your time and distance and provide inspiration to keep going.  There is music and even fitness classes to listen to along your walk.  Like many people, I put everything else in front of exercise.  Today, I thought I would go for a quick five-minute walk.  I chose to listen to Eric with his class and I found that while listening I did find more motivation to go farther.  Instead of going around my small block I walked about a mile and a half.

I would love for you to join with me and there is a special code for a discount with 99 Walks and an extra bonus this month only. When you meet your goal each month you are rewarded with a pretty bracelet that has an inspirational message. This month they are making a special version for Girl Campers. Going Places and Doing Things. All of the information including step-by-step instruction to install the app is here:

I hope you will join my Central Florida team.  We can keep each other motivated.


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  1. george kelly


    I have a few acres up near Keaton Beach zoned for rv’s and camping…It has water and electric, a few picnic tables, a bbq or two and a large firepit. It’s about a mile from the boat ramp and a bit further to the beach and not too far from state hiking and birding trails..Depending on who might be staying there a sewer connection may or may not be available..
    Anyone in your Florida group is welcome to camp there for a few days at a time at no charge..I don’t charge anyone to stay there but I restrict the use to immediate family, very close friends and female campers, female boondockers, female vanners and the few hardy souls who live in their cars.
    Don’t read anything into my female only requirement other than it was determined early on that the girls don’t leave the property a mess, don’t help themselves to my things and are in general a nicer group of guests and in some cases Newbies might need a safe, private place to get their feet wet and practice setting up and taking down their equipment without public embarrassment.
    Times are tough, campsites are pricey if you’re not an old geezer like me and fuel is through the roof which might force some of your members to stay home. If my humble offer helps anyone to get out in the fresh air I’d be happy as the property sits vacant more often than not.

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