Not a remodel but an UPmodel

Dec 8, 2021 | 2 comments

Negotiations started – “Excuse me, Sir, How much do you want for that old Pop-Up?”

“Young Lady, if you will tow it away, I’ll give it to ya.”

“No, sir, that wouldn’t be right. How about $100, and I’ll tow it away. Sound fair?”

“More than fair. I’ll look for the title and see if I have an extra tire. You’re not dragging her anywhere with those shoes.” 

And so our trek began.

I pulled this seasoned lady to the metal fabrication shop with an idea in mind. Breathing new life into those great bones. I need a trailer. This trailer needs some love. Begin the Upmodel!

During the makeover, I found some memories that told stories of adventure and family feasts.  This little dame was romping through the wilderness, taking her family to places where the campfire & stars are the only light.  I became even more determined to add some life to such a great foundation.

With the help of some friends and my local metal fabrication shop. The process began. Why not buy a new trailer, you might ask? COVID made them scarce & I couldn’t find one! At least not one that fit my criteria:

Medium size.

Single axle.

Removable side & back panels.

Room for a toolbox.

Removable rack for my boat, canoe, kayak, or ladder.

Extra rings for tying things down.

A trailer that at 5′ 2″ tall I can push around by myself.

Hello, new opportunities and adventures! She fits perfectly in my side yard. I can quickly load up all my camping gear, boat & motor! What an education I received! Trailer tires, axle, LED towing lights, weight limits, height limits, and so much more.

When my camping friends saw my universal trailer, they started looking at finding a hidden gem of their own.  There’s no wrong way to camp like a girl. Going places. Doing things.

Do you have a DIY project you’d like to do but don’t know where to begin? Please send me an email. Maybe it’s something we can do together!


  1. Sharon Walsh

    Wow, who would’ve imagined that hunk of junk camper could be transformed into such a great trailer! Nice job! 👍

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