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Jan 8, 2022 | 0 comments

I was given a VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder this past holiday season.  A two mug minimum is  the only way I start my day.  When out camping I bring a canister of coffee we ground at home to make my cold brew.  This has worked fine for short trips. Storage is at a premium when packing up for a trip so adding an electric grinder has not been something I’ve wanted to do.  For me, the noise associated with grinding coffee is not something that I want to hear while camping and I presume my camping neighbors feel the same.  Additionally, when camping off grid a hand powered gadget is necessary. 

VSSL JAVA with fresh coffee beans

Give me the details

Searching the internet for hand crank grinders but the price and boxy size have outweighed the benefits.  Here is where VSSL shines!  The VSSL grinder is made of stainless steel and feels sturdy in your hand.  The top offers a clever carabiner for hooking onto a strap or hook or it can be set on a flat surface.  The carabiner unscrews to become the grinding handle making excellent use of space on the product.  This grinder is approximately the size of a traditional flashlight. It unscrews in the middle creating a hopper for the coffee beans.  At the bottom of the hopper is an adjustable setting to determine how finely you would like your beans ground.  The very bottom of the cylinder screws on to catch the finished ground coffee beans.  All parts of the grinder are metal and the quality of the construction shows! 

VSSL JAVA ready to grind

I took an opportunity to grind my favorite locally roasted beans in my kitchen. Grinding beans was a breeze! The gears moved smoothly, grinding enough for a mug of coffee took less than 60 seconds. The VSSL comes with an instruction manual, cleaning brush and a small storage bag.  Within the manual there are several methods of off grid brewing explained.  The booklet includes specifics about the ratio of beans to water as well as the desired coarseness of the ground beans. There is a limited lifetime warranty on VSSL JAVA and the ability to purchase replacement parts should they be needed.  I’ve written about the need for quality gear and repair as a way to protect the environment.  Repairing gear means less waste in the landfills and more beautiful places for us to camp! 

Fresh ground beans

Feel Good Bonus

Finally, as a social worker I am always looking for ways to give back to others and support causes that mirror my beliefs.  VSSL partners with Communitas, a not for profit organization that provides sustainable employment opportunities for young people with special needs. VSSL has won my heart!

Tracey Stieb

Girl Camper Michigan Guide


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