Old Friends Farm

Dec 8, 2021 | 0 comments

You can’t visit the thoroughbred capitol of the world without visiting Old Friends Farm. As a native Kentuckian, the thrill of horse racing comes as naturally to me as breathing. The early morning works and the thundering of hooves, as flared nostrils round the turn beating down the top of the stretch. Ears back and eyes forward, with long outreached strides grasping for the wire. When the dust settles there is a winner and a loser, a lucrative career or an early retirement. But where do these athletes go?

Old Friends Farm offers these champions a place to rest their head. They provide a fluffed stall, a lush paddock, and a place to live out the remainder of their years in comfort and with respect. Located in Georgetown Kentucky, on 236 lush acres, Old Friends is home to such greats as Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, Silver Charm. He is joined by many others such as Touch Gold and War Emblem, who passed comfortably in late 2020. Book a tour for $25 and get to interact with these fantastic athletes. You can feed them carrots, give them and good scratch, and learn their history. Before you head out, make sure Special Ring shows you his tattoo!


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