One of My Must Haves! A Coast Headlamp

Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

As a new camper you might not know what accessories and equipment are a “must have” vs. “want to have” to “oh, isn’t this cute!”. Until I needed a headlamp, I had not considered how important it was for certain occasions.

My Headlamp

My first occasion was heading out of Ohio in early March and trying to beat a predicted cold front coming my way. I left a day earlier than planned and started traveling in the afternoon and thought if I could get on the other side of Indianapolis, I would out run it. I do not like to drive and setup camp in the dark. However, the weather was following me. Finally, I got to St. Louis and it looked like I was out of the weather concerns but, it was raining cats and dogs.

So, I pulled on the rain slicker and grabbed my flashlight. I hadn’t factored in that it takes two hands to manage the necessary setup tasks. I needed my flashlight in one hand just to see in front of me plus torrential rains were making it nearly impossible! Never again, I said to myself!

The solution was a headlamp! I shared my story with my daughter-in-law and she promptly ordered me a Coast PS60 two pack headlamp set from Amazon, delivered the next day!  It has 3 levels of light control with an ultra view flood light plus, it’s waterproof!

I love that the light is on a hinge so you can adjust the light beam up or down and the reflective strap is adjustable. Depending on how bright your light will determine how long the batteries last. Low beam can last an estimated 20 hours. Even better, my package included 2 sets of 3 x AAA batteries! While the PS60 is no longer available, Coast has several other models to choose from.  Check them out at  

This Girl Camper doesn’t leave home without her headlamp! I use it on every trip whether loading in the early hours to finding my way back to my camper after a great campfire with other girl campers. This is a “Must Have”!

Rayma Waters |Girl Camper Guide to Ohio

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