Portable Toilet/Sink Combo by Vingli

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

I was looking for a solution for late night bathroom runs when camping in a tent or boondocking. There are a lot of portable toilets available out there. In fact, in a previous “MY Picks” post I recommended a lavio toilet. However, the cost is really prohibitive. Also, like the Lug-A-Loo, The Lavio toilet isn’t as environmentally friendly because it uses plastic bags. For the person picking up your trash it becomes a nightmare when the plastic waste bags get punctured or break. The portable toilet and sink combo by Vingli is the solution.

The Vingli toilet/sink combo is my favorite pick for solving the solution of camping without a nearby bathroom. The added sink puts it a step above other porta potties. No more bending over water spigots and soaking the ground around it to simply wash your hands. The fact that there are no plastic bags makes it more environmentally friendly than some of the other options. The portable toilet and sink combo by Vingli dumps easily into a regular toilet or RV dump station. I highly recommend this product. The portable Toilet/Sink combo by Vingli also comes with carry bags so it can be stored neatly. And the cost is quite reasonable. For those of you who are in tents or have a trailer without a toilet, Vingli has the perfect solution. There are not many products which have excited me as much as this one. This is both useful, and practical. It has all five stars and then some!


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