Pull Start Fire Is All You Need

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

We all know what is involved in starting a campfire. You need some kindling, paper or dry leaves, firewood, a firestarter, and a match or lighter. Many of us make our own fire-starters with dryer lint and wax. Others use lighter fluid. But a pull-start fire starter is all you need..

Pull-Start Fire is easy to use

They are perfect because you need no kindling or paper, and in fact, you don’t even need a match! They guarantee to start your fire in five seconds! Just put the green string loop around one of your logs as an anchor and then place the other logs around it cabin or teepee style. Then pull the red string. It can not be easier.

Pull Start Fire Starters are Food Safe

There is nothing worse than smelling burning wood saturated with lighter fluid . It can be nauseating. And you have to wait a while before you can cook on it because the food will absorb the fumes and ruin the taste of that juicy steak. These firestarters are non toxic and safe for cooking. They work in rain shine sleet or snow and will even get wet wood burning!

Seeing is believing…

It seemed too easy to be true, so I tried one. They worked amazingly well! I immediately ordered them to sell in the store. But I really felt that seeing is believing so I am posting their video here to show you.



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