The Clam – The True “Easy Up” Shelter!

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

What does easy-up really mean? I was the proud owner of a beautiful 12×12 “Easy Up” shelter canopy. Let me tell you what I discovered with most canopies – “easy up” is a misnomer. We needed four people to properly stretch out the frame and install the canopy. There was nothing “easy-up” about that. A heavy rain during the night quickly turned it into in a mangled pile of metal and canvas that couldn’t be repaired. In conclusion, it was a complete waste of money and time. Hence the I “was” the owner…

Search for a true “easy-up” shelter

After some research, I decided to invest in “The Clam Quick-Set Escape”. The Clam is the true easy up shelter. Two things make this a worthwhile purchase. First, the design is so much sturdier in wind and rain, and second, the set up is a breeze. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to erect it with no help at all! The fact that the clam is a screened enclosure, is a plus when it’s buggy! I see it priced anywhere from $299 to $400+. I found mine on clearance from Bed Bath and Beyond at half price because they discontinued carrying it! It is now widely available at department stores as well as Amazon.

Wind panels add privacy as well as blocking the wind

You can purchase wind panels and a floor too. It will fit around a six foot table with room to spare. I also have the ability to use it as a tent since the wind panels also give you privacy. Two cots and an electric fireplace fit easily. It also makes it more practical when camping during the buggy times of year than a canopy alone.

If you are camping alone or with a friend, you will not regret having The Clam along with you.


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