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ThinShade for RV Door Windows by Lippert

Would you like a darker door window?  More privacy?  No early morning light waking you up?

This is a great product and easy to install.  Comes with a darken glass, black shade and the frame to fit your RV window.

To install all you need is a screw driver, I found it very easy by unscrewing the top screws, loosening the top section and then unscrewing the bottom half.  Installing new window works the same way, slide in the top and screw tight, then do the bottom, and add the shade.  It helps to have a second pair of hands to hold the door still or collect the screws.

I love now waking up in the morning and the trailer is dark by the door area, it makes sleeping in so easy or no campground street light shining in at night!

Keeping the trailer cool on a hot day is a added bonus.  Cost $106.95, can be ordered on the Lippert Components website under Shop.

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