Trailer Failure Becomes Creative Opportunity

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

I was so excited to get ready for a 10-day trip, first Colorado and then Southern New Mexico. I had the car packed, food made, and trailer ready, just had to hitch her up!
It was 6:30 in the evening after getting the trailer hitched up, I pull forward and there was a loud strange rubbing noise! Halt! Hubby and I crawled under and to our dismay realized something was very wrong and Gracie wasn’t going anywhere. 
I sat down inside and review my options, trying not to burst into tears.  
Should I tent, rent a trailer?  Hmm, I had seen a girl camper using a U Hail trailer 5 years ago….I can do that!  I checked out U Haul online and yes there was a 6×12 box trailer, I could pick up in the morning at 9:00 am. Done!  

Renting a U Haul Trailer worked out perfectly. 6 x 9 was just a nice comfortable space

This was a great alternative for me, I don’t mind towing and I was off the ground and didn’t have to purchase a tent. 
How exciting it was going back out to my camper and grabbing stuff, anything I could think of that I would need and brainstorming about how I make this cute and fun!?! 
I have old quilts so I used those to cover the walls but you could easily use curtains, shower curtains and hang on expandable rods, tie a rope and hang material.  Hooks came in handy, “s”hooks, command hooks, and using a few yards of netting to keep bugs out when the door is open.  Packaging tape worked well to secure the netting and quilts to top of doorway, did leave a little sticky residual. Ssshhh go for the ropes and rods!  

A Place to sit down, get dressed and hang your towel to dry.

A chair and 2 small tables work great to place items on and to sit down to get dressed and get my shoes on.  
Cot or air mattress was needed and bedding, cords for lights, heater or fan if I had had electricity.  I used battery and solar lights, my port a potty and rugs for the floor. 
A small stand with selves came was very useful to place my clothes in small baskets on. Clothes on hangers hung easily off the wooden slats on the wall of the trailer. 
All in all it was a wonderful experience and worked out great!  My trip was not ruined and I loved the experience.
Now to work on the axle and get Gracie road worthy again! 
The 6 x 12 trailer was double axle and very easy to tow, my rate per day was $22.95 plus I paid $9.00 for insurance
for someone with no towing experience its great, not that tall or big; the ability to practice towing is immeasurable.  
It was a great learning opportunity for me. For every challenge you meet camping, it will strengthen you and it helps builds your confidence for future success.
 Be confident in your camping abilities and trouble will turn into triumph!


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