Try It by Renting It – Before You Buy It…

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Are you new to camping and think you want to buy your first RV? There are definite advantages to having your own place rather than staying in a hotel.

Having an RV with a bathroom and kitchen can be much more appealing than staying in a tent. If you’ve never had an RV before, going to a dealership can be overwhelming with the many choices out there. Even if you think you know the size you want, there are so many layouts. They all seem great until you spend some time in it. My only advice is don’t rush! Keep looking til you find what will suit your needs. Try it before you buy it.

Ask someone who has an RV what they don’t like about their own unit, or what they wish was different. From my own personal experience, my first motor-home had two separate hookups for the gray and black water. Usually, once you hook up the sewer hose, you pull the black water valve, followed by the gray water valve. The gray water will help wash out your hose. On mine I had to disconnect the black then connect it to the gray.

My first motor home also had a middle bathroom which had a slide on either side of it. Slides make all the difference as far as roominess goes. But this unit felt closed in because the bathroom formed a bottleneck. My new one, though shorter, has the bath and bedroom in the back and the entire length is a slide-out. It made so much more space that I’ve had as many as eight people inside on a rainy day.

Before you invest in an RV, you may want to “test the waters” to be sure you and your family will enjoy not just the RV, but the experience it provides. You may find you you don’t enjoy it as much as you thought you would. In which case you’d have a really expensive “guest room” or storage shed in your driveway. I have met many first-time campers who thought they’d like camping. They hurried and bought an RV, only to find they made a huge investment on something they really didn’t enjoy. Think about trying it before you buy it.

If you are new to camping, you may not be sure how many times per year you will get an opportunity to get away. In that case, you may want to rent one instead of buying or staying in a hotel. Whether you own or rent, camping is all about making memories with your family and friends

The following article from Go RVing has good information on buying an RV, as well as how to find an RV for rent.

Another route you might consider is going to outdoorsy. They will deliver a unit to the campground and all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself! Go to and use the code: GCNorthernNJ to get the best rate.


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