Unplugged in the Driftless 3 – April 2024

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by Theresa “Resa” Leppert

Unplugged in the Driftless was a great success. What a great start to the camping season!  Last month, we had a joint camping event at Yellow River State Forest in NE Iowa with folks from Girl Camper and the Hawkeye Tearjerkers camping club.  I know, “Tearjerkers” is a funny name – I will tell you all about them below.

A good-sized group.

We had quite a crew – about 20 people and 9 pups!  As usual, I was so busy having fun (and being unplugged) that I didn’t take as many pics as I would have liked.  I did take a few and I’m also sharing some that others have shared in our group.

We had a diverse collection of camping units this time around!  Georgie got herself a new camper – a Tab 400.  We also had folks in tents (Brenda S. shared with Georgie, and Mei and her pup were down by a great fishing hole.  Oh and Ember & Brin in her hot tent!)

We had several small trailers including a Mean Bean Teardrop (Jim & Kim), an Odyssey Teardrop (Ed, Linda, & pup Jack), a Hiker Squaredrop (Jeremy & Patti.)  Brenda, Ronnie, and Poppy were in her cargo conversion.  Lorrie and Olive were in her Airstream.  Barb and Daisy were in her R-pod.  Lynn and Murphy were in the cutest little popup camper!  We even had a couple folks with cool van set-ups – Dala & Luna and Pam. 

Chuck and I and Shiloh were in my de-badged Bushwhacker Plus.  I’ve added some custom graphics to the front and I’m working on designs for the sides and rear panel. 

What a relaxing weekend.

This was a very laid back weekend – no organized activities other than a couple potlucks.  It is always delightful to be unplugged from the world for a bit. Some folks came in on Thursday, some on Friday. We had an awesome potluck and campfire on Friday evening – and then another one on Saturday evening!  Some of us went up to Effigy Mounds National Monument and hiked to Fire Point Lookout. 

It was a beautiful sunny, breezy day and the views were spectacular.  A soaring bald eagle topped it all off, hovering over us up on the bluff, riding the thermals in lazy circles.  Glorious. I somehow did NOT get pics of all of our hiking group! Ember was with us and Dala and her friend too.

Hawkeye Tearjerkers

I’m not sure if y’all know, but in addition to being the GC IA Guide, I’m also the director for our Hawkeye Chapter of Tearjerkers.  Tearjerkers is a camping club – it’s free to join.  It’s been around since 1997, I believe.  My husband and I have been camping with the TJers since 2012, I think?  The loose premise of the group is a shared interest in smaller campers, specifically Teardrops. 

I say “loose premise” because you can camp with the TJers in anything.  You don’t have to have a teardrop or even a small camper.  Tent.  Big 5th wheel.  Van.  Cardboard box!  You can camp solo, with a spouse, with your kids or grandkids, with your furbabies…..  We don’t care!  Come one, come all and have fun.  Feel free to join our Hawkeye Chapter FB Group.  There are chapters all over the country – check them out here:  Tearjerkers Chapters

We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  It was a bit windy and chilly that first day or two, but after that, things got steadily warmer.  It was actually kinda hot that last day while we were packing up! All in all, our third annual Unplugged in the Driftless was a resounding success.

We have a lot of Girl Camper events planned for this season – and there are also quite a few Tearjerkers events planned as well.  Have you checked them out yet?

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