Water is the Devil

Dec 3, 2021 | 0 comments

We all know that water IS the devil when it comes to your camper. The thought of leaks, flooding where you’re camping or storing your camper, even just rain getting in the windows terrifies an RV owner. Water always finds its way into an RV.

We keep our RV under cover, we buy special hatches that automatically close if they detect rain, and we drop all adventure if we’ve accidentally left the windows open in our rig and run back to close them tight if we suspect rain coming. Water is the devil!

But what are some things about water damage that we don’t think about?

Pipes Bursting

Water pipes burst in the winter due to them freezing. I’m not talking about this kind of bursting which is totally avoidable but happens. One thing we may not think of is our pipes inside bursting if there is a surge in water pressure at the campground. It also happens!

Sometimes surges will cause a catastrophic flood in your RV but sometimes it will cause a slow leak from the pipes that you won’t notice for a long time. Mostly because you don’t even know a break happened until it’s already done its damage.

My Personal Experience

As some of you know I am renovating my 1965 Airstream. While pulling it apart I’ve found quite a plumbing mess. I suspect there have been some major plumbing leaks in my camper at one time. There’s water damaged wood under the sink and most definitely some where the bathroom once was. The previous owner did a sketchy job in reinstalling pipes and bypassing the original system.

I am most definitely redoing the entire thing and only putting back in a sink with a city line. So needless to say, I need to think of these things even tho I’m not having a full-on water system.

Preventative Measures

Unlike leaks in the ceiling or windows, there is something you can do now that will protect this unfortunate flooding from happening in the first place. It’s so very simple.

Inline water pressure regulator.

This little $8 device regulates the pressure straight from the spigot at the campground so even if the campground water system has a surge and all your neighbors have problems, you are still protected. This little brass device is called an Inline Water Pressure Regulator and you can get it on Amazon which is linked in the name.

There are also more expensive options like this one, also on Amazon, linked here.

All you do is screw this onto your hose connection to your camper and you’re done. You can even keep it connected to your hose for travel.

Add Ons

While you’re shopping, add these handy items to your list. They will keep your camper from being contaminated by the campground water supply and also keep your hose from kinking, which can be annoying and costly if it breaks off your connector or hose from the weight.

Some things we don’t think of until it’s too late but are totally avoidable. Remember that water is the devil and do yourself a favor and order these items today. You won’t regret spending this small cost in comparison to the expense you will have if you don’t.

My friends call me “Q” — Susan Landis, PA GirlCamper Guide


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