Whale of a Tail!

Jul 21, 2023 | 0 comments

Humpbacks are being spotted 200 yards from local campgrounds in Monterey County off the coast of California!

Humpback migration is in full swing along the Pacific Coast of California. I was out scouting for campgrounds along the Pacific Coast and stumbled upon a rustic campground in the sleepy little town of Pacifica.

The campground host shared that the Humpback Whales are migrating right out their back door and said to feel free to take a look around. Low and behold I walk to the water’s edge and see Pelicans diving nonstop a whale slapping its tail plus 4 more whales including a mom and her baby 200 yards from camp. Local photographer Chris Combs from Pacifica took this stunning shot of a Humpback Whale surfacing after eating a mouth full of bait fish!

Whales are mammals just like humans. Like all land mammals we breathe involuntarily without having to think about it. Our bodies just do it for us automatically. Maine mammals on the other hand spend their lives underwater. They are described as being conscious breathers as they have to actively decide when to breathe.

Humpbacks usually take a series of breaths between shallow dives as they recharge their blood with oxygen. This is called their up time. At the end of their last breath they will commence a deep dive by arching their backs lifting their tails clear of the water and descend for an extended time underwater commonly referred to their down time.

I was lucky enough to watch this spectacular show for 3 hours. Keep an eye out for a Whale Watching Campout coming in 2024!

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