What!! No Ice, No Problem

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

 I have a vintage camper.  Most of these campers have a small refrigerator with a tiny freezer. If you want ice while camping, you have to stop at a convenience store and pick up a bag and then store it in a cooler.  Without ice, it’s a problem making a cold drink or just having a refreshing glass of water.

Help Yourself To Some Ice

One weekend while camping, a neighbor had an ice maker and I couldn’t believe it! Ice cold drinks!! After so many years traveling in my camper with warm drinks, I had to buy an ice maker!

I found this Coollife portable ice maker.  It is lightweight and its style suits my camper.  

This ice maker can go anywhere. It doesn’t need a direct water hookup, just a pourable container and an electrical outlet.  It looks really cute inside your camper on a countertop, or placed outside on a table.

The first time you use this machine, it may take longer to make ice than subsequent uses.  You can choose large or small ice cubes.

I love the idea of having an iced tea at my beck and call.  Never wait for a cold drink again!



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