What to Expect When Changing Campers

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

Being a military family, we have had our share of moves.  With every move, with every house we find that most of the ‘stuff’ we loved in one house just doesn’t go with the new one.  It always seems like I never have enough of the right size curtains, or the sofa doesn’t fit … you get the picture. Similarly, changing campers is no different.

We are in the process of trading in our beloved Liberty Outdoors Little Guy Max for an Airstream Globetrotter. After packing up the Little Guy I am overwhelmed with what we will move to the Airstream and what goes up for sale.

I remember being so excited decorating our Little Guy.  Sewing new cushions and making complimentary window treatments was the highlight of my excitement. Those cushions now sit in my living room while we figure out where to store them. Who knows when we will have guests that we can use them to make up a bed.

Little Guy Max dinette
Dinette in the Little Guy Max
Michelle Almodovar Photography

I quickly realized that some things will not be usable when changing campers as they are uniquely different campers.  Like our Weight Distribution Hitch, Proven Industries hitch lock, the Camper cover we bought and never used, etc.  While other things we have been carrying with us that we have never used, like that wheel lock. Being from NYC, we thought we needed to protect our camper from leaving the campground while we were out exploring.

Tire Lock

Today I am trying to organize and pack it all up so when we pick up our Airstream tomorrow, we don’t arrive at the dealership looking like the Clampetts from the Beverly Hillbillies.

Changing campers - moving day
Changing campers - moving day

Images by Michelle Almodovar Photography

Stay tuned for the process of a walkthrough of a camper. . .

Because at the end of the day, it is the journey we take and those that we touch and touch our lives that develop lasting good memories! What about you? Have you changed campers recently and lived to tell the tale? Share your story below!

~ Michelle Almodovar | Photographer, techie, lover of nature and thrilled to be your Travel Beacon

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