What to Stock and Pack!

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You have your new camper, or new to you camper, and are excited to camp! What should you bring? What essentials do you need? You really don’t want to overpack and add too much weight to your camper, but there are a few basics that you’ll need.  Having the right supplies increases the chances of a problem-free adventure. You will find my list of essentials below.

I keep my list on my phone under notes, if I ever need to check it, it’s right there.  As time goes on, you’ll add to, or take away from your list.  If you forget something, don’t fret!  Girl Campers always take care of each other, if something was forgotten, chances are, someone else will have it. Even though we have the weather channel now, sometimes you find yourself in colder weather than you planned.

I do have that emergency cold weather bag and have pulled it out a few times for myself or fellow girl campers who didn’t have warm clothes and were freezing. Have a combo or all of these items in a plastic bag under your bench seat storage just in case – (some of these items were old and now have new life for a rainy day!)

I have separated the lists into my camping supplies and an emergency cold weather bag! Remember everyone has their own special needs.  Feel free to personalize the list for yourself!! 


Long Johns, Down Vest, Warm wool socks, Mittens, Wool Hat, Scarf, Sweater, Heavy sweat pants to layer, Space blanket (about $3.00 at Wal-Mart), and a hooded raincoat

Be prepared! 


Extra clean Sheets – just in case you’re sick or you leave the vent open and it rains! Oops!


Lantern or solar battery lights 


Stove or hot plate if don’t cook inside or have a tent.

Drinking water

First aid kit 



Pocket knife 

Small shovel

Electric cords 

Tools – screwdriver, pliers, hammer, wrench


Toilet paper 

Paper towel


Dish Soap 


Aluminum foil

Trash bags 

Cutting board

Food storage containers

Can / bottle opener 

Wine opener

Pots (small sauce pan, large for spaghetti and 1 frying pan) & cooking utensils

Coffee/coffee maker 

Rope & clothes pins 



Duct tape


Mugs/wine glass 

Plates & silverware


Fan and small Electric Heater 

Rug for outside and rug for inside 


Bungee cords

For more information check out GoRving


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