Who does your RV Repairs?

Dec 6, 2021 | 4 comments

Finding a trustworthy RV repair person is gold. Fortunately for me I haven’t needed repairs on this rig however, I wanted a modification for the bathroom sink. One of the personality quirks of my camper model and year is the slow drain in the bathroom sink. This was a little annoying and I decided to change out the sink. My rig is a 2019 T@B 400 and unlike many trailers, it’s not just a sink.

It’s a wall section that came with the fold down sink so I needed the replacement from the manufacturer. While I was at the owners rally last year I pickup up the sink and wall unit. The thinking was I could make the upgrade myself, after all, I am a pretty handy gal. Upon reflection, {insert laughter} I decided it might be a bit more than I wanted to take on myself.

New style of fold down sink. Photo from https://nucamprv.com/tab400-camper/

Making the repair

I found Julia, a smart, talented, certified RV repair here in Central Florida. She is the owner of Mobile RV Repair and Services. I was able to drop off my rig and have this upgrade completed and I couldn’t be happier.

Julia working on my T@B 400. Photo by Judi

Julia’s story

Julia was RVing for a year and a half using different RVs. She found she wasn’t receiving good service when she needed repairs. This prompted her to think about creating a business. Simple, honest, hard-working values where others could have confidence in the repairs is her goal. Julia acted on this and went back to school to become a certified RV technician.

She performs inspections prior to purchasing. She also will perform troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs and renovations. Really, just about anything you might need. She is happy to talk with you to discuss your desired outcome.

She offer a discount for active duty and retired military along with first responders.

If you are in the Central Florida area and need assistance, give Julia a call. She will fix you and you rig up. You can reach her by phone at (813) 753-9303, on the web http://mobilervrepairandservices.com or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mobilervrepairandservices/ I am sure you will be happy to meet her.



  1. US Roofer

    You are right. Finding the right person for RV repair purposes is a blessing. I also never found that kind of working person that I demand. So, now I am doing much of my RV work myself. I do DIYs for maintaining, cleaning and repairing. I like using products like Roof Protect/Cleaner for cleaning purposes and RV roof Magic for repairing my roof leakage issues. RV Roof Magic is a waterproof, long lasting, highly durable rubber roof sealant that has over 25 years history of success making my roof extremely insulated and resistant to extreme weather fluctuation for a fraction of cost with just its single coat.

  2. Julia D.

    Don’t use Murphy RV! I’m going to call both Quality and Julia – thanks for the tip!

  3. Dina Soza

    What is central Florida? I live in viera and have only been here a year.

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