Yeti 10oz Tumbler

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

My Picks

 I use Yeti 10oz tumbler almost daily. It keeps cold food and drinks cold and hot food and drinks hot for hours.

Hot Beverages

The Tumbler is the perfect size for a cup of tea. If I make a cup of tea in the morning and forget about it, I can come back in the afternoon and it’s still hot. Warning: if you poor boiling water directly into the tumbler and put the lid on, check to make sure it’s not too hot to drink.

Oatmeal in the Yeti

One of my favorite uses is making my morning oatmeal.  I put ½ cup of plain oats, cinnamon, peanut butter and maple syrup in the tumbler, fill the tumbler with boiling water, stir and put the lid on for 10+ minutes.  If I’m on the go I’ll put a silicone lid on top of the regular lid and eat it later.


Finally the Tumblers except for maybe the lids are indestructible. I’ve had mine for years with no scratches or dents. The only reason I know about the lids is that they are sold separately. I’m still on my original.

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