There is so much awareness today of the toll that our ‘disposable’ world has taken on the environment, and I am glad to see the tide turning. Now I have a focus on conservation at the campground. I must admit that I was pretty hooked on convenience items and never gave much thought to their impact for some time. A few years ago, I made a concerted effort to at least lessen the impact I was making, and I started by getting a handle on single use plastics. No more cases of water bottles. With so many containers for drinking water that I own, it was absurd that I would buy cases of plastic water bottles to begin with. Now I stashed a one-gallon water jug in the backseat of my truck, and I fill my water vessel when it runs out. I refill the same one-gallon jug over and over. Not only does that make environmental sense, but it also makes economic sense. And this is just one way to practice conservation at the campground!

In this video from GoRVing, Janine Pettit shares more conservation strategies.


The other guilty indulgence of mine was plastic storage containers. I had cabinets full of them and frequently replaced them when they got separated from their proper lid or started to look too dingey. I made up my mind to not buy any new ones. Instead, I transitioned to stainless steel containers and glass bowls for leftovers. In the camper, I use the stainless as well as a few silicone storage containers that are less harsh on the environment. Before the advent of Tupperware there was something called ‘refrigerator glass’. Our grandmothers stored leftovers in these glass jars with lids. Today there are lots of jars with lids at thrift stores and they make great storage for leftovers.

Read more of Janine’s articles and see more videos at Go RVing here.

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