Country Living Fair ~ Rhinebeck NY


Going places and doing things was so much fun this past weekend when Go RVing hosted us at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY. The beautiful Hudson Valley was as appealing as always and the Duchess County Fairgrounds were their usual manicured perfection. Stella Shows makes it all look so easy. They have been producing this show for almost ten years with events in Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; Rhinebeck, NY and this year as a first timer, Nashville, TN. All my favorite vendors were there and I managed to get a little shopping in. It was all about the people though and as always, meeting and chatting with new friends was the best part of the show. I think we recruited a few new “girl campers”!

Our Sweet Sister Q on the Go RVing sign! @bebacksoonlovemom
 My Lake House trailer open for tours
 Sister on the Fly Joni Moomau’s cozy A Frame
 Sister on the Fly Nancy Lucier’s trailer “Rosie”!
 Every once in a while our amazingly talented sister “Q” does a trailer rehab and although she always wants to keep them, her husband thinks six trailers is too many! Some people “get it” and some people don’t! This trailer was “for sale” this year. Completely ready to roll with all the hard work done. A lucky new sister, Kathy, took her home!
 Our Go RVing buddy Dana taking a stand on RVing! She’s in favor of it!
 This year we added a new element to the show! RV Lifestyle demos. I volunteered to show visitors how to make the cast iron skillet pizza we generously perfected during last years camping season. You’re welcome!
 The delicious results.
 Everything’s coming up Rosie! Nancy and her husband take this to Brimfield every year. Not only is it a great draw for shoppers but they get to have lunch and nap in it!
 Q’s DIY chandelier! Very Country Living!
 Dana from Go RVing with Kathy, the lucky new owner of this trailer, and Courtney from Go RVing.
 Courtney welcoming Kathy to the RV world with some great Go RVing give aways!
 Catching up with my favorite podcaster, Stephanie Puglisi from RV Family Travel Atlas. If you have never heard their podcast, you are missing out! We chatted so long after the show that we were locked IN and had to get security to let us out!
 Stephanie mixing pleasure with business. I promised her husband Jeremy who was home with three boys under the age of 6,  that I would make sure she got lots of pictures!
 Two new girl campers that went home and signed up for “Camp Like  A Girl” in October. They are already at work getting their cowgirl prom outfits ready!
 I loved meeting 2 Chix and a Barn owners Kim and Leslie! They have the best Airstream for shows. Their site was beautiful, their items so edited and unique and they themselves make it all so much fun to shop! More on them later!
 At every Country Living Fair I have to get to one of my favorite booths, “Hi Ho Home Market!”  I love everything about her booth. Creative designer, Stylist and entrepreneur Heidi Hill-Haddard (we have the same maiden name! ) creates a space that draws you in! I kept getting drawn in over many things but mostly this vintage plaid suitcase on wheels! If it is red, I like it. If it’s red and plaid, I love it! If it’s red, plaid and wool, I’m done! More on this hardworking lady coming soon!
My favorite purchase of the show!
Oh yeah, we were also on the Main Stage talking about all of the fun we have. It was an exceedingly windy day which is my excuse for this wild hair. I don’t know why everyone else looks so well coiffed! They must have “people” I don’t know about.
The Country Living Fair is so much fun each year. We meet the best people and have made all kinds of friends along the way. If you have never been to a Country Living Fair you still have two chances in 2015. Columbus, Ohio, September 18-20 and Atlanta, Georgia, October 23-25. I will be in Columbus and will be hosting a Camper College at Haydocy Airstream on Saturday, September 19th.
Happy Trails!