I’m a dog mom.  My Boxer girl, Shiloh, often camps with me.  Any of you dog moms out there know what that means…… dog hair!

The Rustic Trail Black Bear

You may or may not know that I’m currently testing out a Rustic Trail Black Bear for a few months.  It’s an amazing camper, and I’ll be sharing quite a bit about it over the coming months, but the most important thing right now is to project their investment.  This trailer doesn’t belong to me – and I must return it in tiptop shape so it can go back out on the sales floor.

I’m used to dog hair.  I deal with it every day.  But that doesn’t mean that I want to deal with the associated dog smells in my camper.  Doggo hair and funky smells also aren’t good for resale value, right?

More color!

There’s something else that many of you already know about me:  I like color.  I like ALL the colors.  The brighter the better, in my opinion.  The problem is a permanent color change isn’t good for resale value either – and I certainly can’t put MY personal color choices into the Bear in any permanent fashion.

The current industry standard the last few years leans strongly towards a grey palette.  Hey, grey colorways are SO much better than taupe or tan of decades past.  I like the color scheme in the Bear.  The white walls make it seem bigger than it is.  The flooring hides the inevitable dirt that gets tracked in, and the grey cushions complement those nicely.

I need an inexpensive solution.

However, I need an inexpensive way to protect Rustic Trail’s investment, and a colorful solution would be a win/win, don’t you think?  Hmmmm.

Got it!  Cushion Covers!  If you’re handy with a needle and thread or a sewing machine, then it would be easy to make your own covers.  I’m not that handy though, so I went in search of other options.

I found what I needed on Amazon. These cushion covers come in various colors, sizes, textures…. And many are waterproof.  SCORE!  I covered all my cushions in my Bushwhacker Plus with these colorful patterns: 

I decided on solid colors in a deep red for the Bear.  These fit very nicely – and they are completely waterproof.  I know, cuz I spilled my drink this morning, and it didn’t get through to the cushion.  I just pulled the cover off and tossed it in the washing machine!

What is your favorite way to project your camper from everyday wear and tear?  Let me know in the comments below.

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