PocaPet Carrier

Pet Carrier – Why you might need one?

We just got a puppy, well two of them! We love having a pet or two or three! Puppy Love! Bella and Diesel giving me their best love faces! It is always such a exciting time when...
Foot Stools

Foot Loose!

I love camping but I sure don't like one foot on the ground while enjoying the campfire! One that wants to avoid crawly critters slinking by unseen. I love ottomans, but you...

Priorities, Father’s Day Trip

RVing changes your perspective of what priorities are in your life.  Priorities of the past are not as pressing as spending time with those that you love. Enjoy this...

Camper Hotel Anyone?

Do you love to travel? Have you ever considered a Camper Hotel? I love to travel like most of you reading this! In fact, after several years of hotel travel, my husband and I...
Crabs in a Basket

Maryland Blue Crabs

What could be better than cracking into a bushel of Maryland blue crabs, washed down some delicious local beer? Sharing blue crabs with friends is one of the most fun social...
VA – National Museum of the Marine Corps

VA – National Museum of the Marine Corps

You can't miss the iconic structure resembling the flag-raising in Iwo ...

MD – Monocacy Battlefield

MD – Monocacy Battlefield

Monocacy Battlefield known as “Battle that Saved Washington.” encompasses ...

MD – The Maryland Christmas Show

MD – The Maryland Christmas Show

The Maryland Christmas show is by far my favorite event. For the last 35

MD – Historic National Road

MD – Historic National Road

Up for a Road trip… Check out the Historic National Road in ...

MD – Historic Downtown Annapolis

MD – Historic Downtown Annapolis

Very few cities in the country can boast some of the best 17th and 18th ...

VA – Great Falls Park

VA – Great Falls Park

The Great Falls Park on the Potomac River forms part of the border between ...

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