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Holly johnson

From tents, to trucks, to a camper.  Holly is true Girl Camper with a can do attitude.  Meet your DelMarVa Guide!

My first memory of camping was with my grandparents in an old canvas Army tent at around 5 years old. I think I was hooked then.   

As my own family grew I went camping with my kids for vacations and on scouting trips.    I loved the minimalism of tent camping, cooking over a fire, communing with nature…until one day I realized that I could no longer sleep on the hard ground without feeling like I had been hit by a truck.

In comes the pre-owned pop-up tent.  The mattress was bliss.  Eventually the pop-up which had lived a good life had to be retired but not before I had saved the mattresses and a few other items worth keeping. Unfortunately purchasing another camper was not an option but I quickly realized that the full-sized mattress from the pop-up fit in the bed of our truck and truck tents are a thing. Camping was saved.

Fast forward several years.  My family was in the market for a camper.  After a little research we decided that a fiberglass egg camper was what we wanted.  Also, I had fallen in love with their cuteness when I saw one at a music festival.  The hunt began!  After months of looking for a second-hand Scamp, which is very hard to come by on the East Coast, a used Scamp popped up on Facebook Market Place only two hours away from my home.  I contacted the seller and let them know I would be there with cash in hand the next morning.  This is where my Girl Camper adventure begins.

My husband and I travel well together and had taken several fun trips in the Scamp.  While I was fine with towing and backing into spots, I had no idea how to hook up the hitch and quite honestly, I lacked the confidence to go camping on my own in the Scamp.  This was never an issue with a tent.  I had the urge to camp much more than my husband so I started joining camping Facebook groups for women.  Girl Camper clicked for me.  The stories and resources really inspired confidence. As Guide, I want to be one of the women who encourages and empowers other women to get out there and have camping adventures, whatever that may look like.

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