Demystifying RV Types

Are you new to camping and mystified by all the choices of campers out there? Wondering what the difference between a Class A and Class B is? Or a travel trailer and a 5th wheel? Just what can a toy hauler haul? Our friends at Camco have written a great article explaining the differences and some helpful advise to help you narrow down your search for the right RV for you. They are demystifying RV types for you. Check it out on their website:

A great rule of thumb when selecting a camper, is to know your vehicle’s tow capacity and not exceed 75% of it. If you’re curious what your current camper weighs, find your nearest CAT scale at a truck stop and weigh it there. You may be surprised how much weight all the accoutrements we bring add to the campers weight.

Looking for more great tips? Check out our checklist suggestion for when you go camping.

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