On this week’s episode I am starting my series on exploring all of the different options out there in recreation vehicles. I will be highlighting the features that make each model something that someone chose above all others for their travels. The RV industry has never offered more options than they do today. There is something out there for every camp style, weight limit and budget. Today it is all about reimagining the Toy Hauler and why they may be an option you didn’t consider.

  • Haul Toys -The obvious reason for buying a toy hauler is to haul your toys but, what kind of toys? Most people who think of toy haulers think of quads or off road dirt bikes. After just returning from the Outdoor Retailers Show in Denver I could not help but think of what a great option this is for the outdoor enthusiast without the conventional toys. The snow boarders; the cross country and alpine skiers;  the snow shoe enthusiasts. A toy hauler gives you the ability to store gear safely, retrieve it easily, and is also place  to return to after a day of fun and fall into a warm bed, have a bathroom and share a great meal with friends. It’s the gathering place at the end of the day to unwind and recharge for the next day.
  • DIY Designer – Another reason for buying a toy hauler is to be your own RV designer. Unlike a retired school bus, a new toy hauler is already road worthy and manufactured adhering to strict safety standards. The weight distribution has been worked out and the coach already has a bed, kitchen and bathroom in it. Along with these essentials you get what amounts to a “great room” – RV style. People often complain about the RV industry’s excessive use of the color brown. The toy haulers is essentially a blank slate. You can create your own space to your own taste, customizing and personalizing your home on wheels. You can create a boho chic gypsy wagon or a sleek contemporary minimalist space. Unlike a tiny house, a toy hauler can be taken anywhere, parked anywhere RV’s are allowed, and is a lot easier to resell if you modify your travel plans.
  • Road Hobbyist – There are many hobbyists that follow the Artisans Show Circuit and the toy hauler is a great option for them. They can have product storage, room to create and a place to sleep while traveling all in one. Without the expense of hotel rooms artists have more money for adventure, the ability to choose where they want to stay rather than settle for what’s available, and a place to retreat to while the show is going on. Being able to grab a nap, lunch or skip the long lines at the Port a John at fairs makes a toy hauler a great option.
  • Moble Classroom –  Most things that can be taught can also be mobilized. Taking your skill set on the road allows you access to more students. Once you have exhausted the interested clients in your area you can head in a new direction. It gives you the opportunity to travel and earn money at the same time. Some great ideas for mobile classes are the fiber arts, plen air painting workshops, park photography lessons and music fairs with ukulele 101 lessons. If you can teach it, chances are you can mobilize it.
  • Mobile Business – There are all kinds of mobile dog grooming and veterinarians out there in vans but chances are they are not using their mobile dog salon as a camper on weekends. A toy hauler is an option that would allow you to remove the equipment used for work from the vehicle on weekends and move your camping gear in. This means that your business vehicle can do double duty as a recreation vehicle.
  • Handicap Friendly –  A toy hauler can be a way for those who are disabled to create a trailer at a fraction of the cost of having a custom trailer built. There are several manufacturers that will build and modify a toy hauler to your specifications. I recently met a woman suffering from neuropathy in her legs. She did not want to stop camping so she bought a toy hauler that she carries her scooter in. She pulls up to the campfire in her mobile chair. It’s also a great way to carry a golf cart with you if you need assistance getting around.


Riverside Retro makes a great small toy hauler that would make the perfect mobile office, salon, artist studio or tricked out Girl Camper home on wheels. I like the floor plan of their small model with the Queen bed up front, bathroom in the middle and kitchen living area open to the drop back. The 820 R has been one of my favorites for a long time. I dislike the color scheme but know it can be ordered in different colors. You can even order this in the Retro colors they use in that line of trailers.

Riverside RV Retro Toy Haulers

2017 Riverside RV Retro 820R Travel Trailer Toy Hauler Floorplan

The Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup 17 RP is another small toy hauler that is packed with features. The front bunks give you the option of sleeping multiple people and the floor plan is large and open but still provides a kitchen and wet bath. This new trailer was chosen as one of RV News Best in Show at the annual Louisville Show.



Image result for forest river wolf pup 17rp

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