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On this week’s show I continue my exploration of all the Recreation Vehicle options out there for RVer’s. In episode 117 I “reimagined” the toy hauler looking at alternate ways to use this heavy duty trailer originally created for transporting quads, motorbikes and whatever “toys” you might use while vacationing. I’m taking a look at the Class C motor home today and some of the things that owners love about them and some of the reasons buyers passed on them for other options. I also have an interview with my friend Jean Taylor, Girl Camper and owner of  Camp Taylor Campground in Columbia, New Jersey. Jean owns a Class C motor home and when she’s not running her own campground she is camping in her Class C.

Class C sizes run from 21′ to 35′. There are many floor plans and styles available, with and without slide outs. Prices range from 43K to 200K dollars and can sleep anywhere from 2-10 people.

When comparing the Class C to the Class A motor home many found the Class C to be:

  • Less expensive
  • Better on gas mileage
  • More maneuverable
  • To have a safer cockpit in crashes
  • Easier to heat and cool

Other Pros for Class C’s are:

  • Access to living area while driving
  • No towing anxiety
  • In many areas it is considered a vehicle and can be kept in a driveway where travel trailers cannot
  • Large overhead cab storage
  • Easy to drive
  • Can sleep a lot of people depending on model
  • Option of towing car

Some of the negatives consumers report on the Class C are:

  • Less storage than a Class A Motor Home
  • Unless you are towing a touring car with you, you will have to unhook your systems each time you leave the campground.
  • They are not as maneuverable as a Class B
  • Can be too small for full timing
  • Parking at tourist sites can be limited
  • Poor gas mileage compared to a Class B
  • Kitchens are not as large as some travel trailer and Class A Motor Homes
  • Larger models can be harder to navigate through towns

Hanging out in Jean’s Class C when the weather was not cooperating with us!

On this week’s show I also shared two new events posted on the Camp Like a Girl Meet Up site. The first is our Camper College event at Bankston Motor Home in Huntsville, Alabama. Here is the link to join us for that event!

We had a great Camper College at Setzer’s World of Camping in Huntington, West Virginia last week. Our next Camper College is at Bankston Motorhomes in Huntsville, Alabama April 26th!

In order to sign up you will need to be a member of You can join here and have access to all the upcoming events.






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