Episode 130: Girl Camper Podcast Mini Max Review

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On this week’s show I am reviewing the Mini Max trailer by Little Guy Trailers. I recently took the Mini Max, the smaller, lighter version of Little Guy’s Max trailer, on a five week trip to Texas and parts south. I traveled over 4,000 miles in her; slept in it for over 25 nights, only four of which involved RV hook ups; used all of its systems and came away with an insiders view of this 1,993 pound addition to the light weight towable world. Today I am sharing the skinny on the MINI.

The Mini Max by Liberty Outdoors, parent company of Little Guy, has filled an opening in the teardrop world for a lightweight towable trailer with added head room, more storage, larger appliances, more available floor space and a hydraulic table system that eliminates the need to remove a heavy table and find storage for it when you want to convert the area for sleeping.

The Mini has a big U shaped banquette around a table that easily seats six people for dinner, game night or as a work space. The table compresses on a hydraulic system when it is converted to a full Queen sized bed. Because the trailer is 2′ longer than most teardrops there is added space for cabinetry and space to move around when the trailer is made up for sleeping. I opted to remove the table and create a full twin bed across the back leaving me with plenty of seating and floor space. I appreciated the flexibility the space offered without making radical modifications.

The kitchen in the Mini offered everything one would expect in a larger RV. A two burner propane stove, microwave, deep stainless steel sink, large front operational window and a staggering 5.0 cubic foot refrigerator. I was able to get all of my cooking supplies, food and dishes in the available cabinets. Every inch of space is used to its maximum advantage including a base cabinet drawer in the kickplate under the sink that I used for serving pieces.

The wet bath was large enough to use in comfort. The shower had nice hardware on an adjustable pole with a built in soap dish. The bathroom also came with mesh storage caddies on the wall. I stored my towels over the toilet on adjustable curtain rods that I purchased. They work well there but need to be removed when you shower to keep them from getting wet. (The Max bathroom is large enough that you can shower without having to remove the towels.) I thought it was a minor inconvenience compared to the great convenience of having a wet bath in a trailer this size.

The sleeping area in the Mini has three large, functional windows. One is on the front of the trailer and on the opposite wall on the back of the trailer. The rear has the same large viewing window the Max has which I fell in love with. The windows in the Mini are the same as those on the Max. They are an integrated system with built in shades and screens. They allow you to crack the window open, pull the shade up from the bottom, screen down from the top and have air and privacy. The windows are also tinted for temperature control and privacy which is a bonus for solo travelers.

The cabinet on the door wall of the trailer held all of my clothes in packing cubes that I purchased from Amazon. I used the last empty shelf in that cabinet to store my hair and health products. There is additional storage under this cabinet, beneath the benches, under the refrigerator and above the windows. I was able to pack everything I needed and wanted for a five week trip. For a small trailer, the storage was more than sufficient.

While I was road testing the Mini I was regularly reporting my findings and suggestions to the factory for tweaking. Here are a few of the suggestions I made:

  • Deepen the storage cabinets over the front and back windows and put doors on them.
  • Change the rail system for the bed to keep it from shifting so much. (already done)
  • Change the direction of the refrigerator door to open toward the kitchen. ( already done)
  • Have shower walls made from one piece molded unit.
  • Change bathroom door to opaque glass.
  • Move ceiling fan closer to the bathroom so it can vent the bathroom as well as the trailer.
  • Change the system for clamping the propane tank down. It’s really difficult to open and close alone.
  • Offer two sets of cushions to consumers who may want the option of using it as a twin bed.
  • Offer a lagun table for those who may want to use the space in a different way.
  • Move the reading lights under the storage cabinets to the opposite side of the cabinet for better reading light.

The Mini Max has all of the quality materials and thoughtful design that the Max has. For those that fell in love with the Max but found it too big, the Mini is the perfect alternative. On my five week trip to Texas in the Mini I enjoyed all of the features I came to love in the Max – the windows, views, air flow, quality construction, and solid wood cabinets. Having all of these things in a trailer under 2,000 pounds makes it a great choice for Girl Campers.