On this weeks show we are talking about keeping those camping resolutions. I polled the Girl Campers on line to see if they had made any Camping Resolutions for the New Year. They sure did and here are the top six and a few tips for helping to keep them.

So many people said that camping more often was a goal for 2019. Sitting around a campfire with friends, new and old, is always at the top of my list of favorite things to do.

#6 – So many people want to attend more music festivals. That’s a good thing for sure and I have just the right people to help you out here. Follow along with my friends at Road Trip Mojo. Barry and Jeff are buddies whose families indulge their love of music and RVing and sometimes even join them. They combined their love of camping and their love of music and created an outlet for those who want to “camp with a better playlist!” They’ve got a great blog full of festivals, tips and their favorite venues. Check them out if you were one of the Girl Campers making music festivals a resolution for 2019.

#5 Camp with Dogs – So many camp with dogs and it is a topic we’ve covered before. In Episode 39 of the podcast I covered Camping Etiquette with Your Dog. You can listen to that here. Also always travel with your dogs records, any medicine you may need, extra towels and blankets, a way to secure the dog at your site and always have an ID tag on your pet. Even if you have treated your dog for ticks, always check for ticks after a hike.

#4 Boondock More. I covered the big Boondocking Experiment last season in Episode 135. I tricked my husband into camping without hook ups and told all about it! You can listen here. Other great boondocking outlets to check out are Boondock.org. – a great site created by Andrew Koransky a self professed frugal camper who shares his tips for free camping and much more. Also check out We’re the Russo’s. Kait and Joe Russo made their way to the nomadic life in 2015 by purchasing a Class B motorhome. Along the way they learned a lot and created some great YouTube content along the way. There are tons of APPs for boondocking including the All Stays App, FreeRoam and US Public Lands full of free places to camp. You can also check out the Visitors Centers in any town and ask where you can park for free.

#3 Outfit the Trailer for Quick Get Aways – I have always thought that if I had everything in the camper all the time I could take off whenever I wanted without a hassle. After I combined three camping lists and outfitted the trailer with everything I could ever need I still had trouble getting out of Dodge on Friday afternoons. I discovered that I had to rearrange the way I unload on a Sunday when I get home. I clean it on Sunday nights now and bring the dirty towels and linens in then. I throw those sheets right in the washer and put them back on during the week. When I have leftovers during the week, I create a camp meal or foil pack dinner and put it in the freezer to have ready on Friday night to toss in the fridge. No stops for food or meals on Friday night traffic and the meal is a good one. Here is a link to my episode on Simplifying Weekend Getaways. 

One of the ways I make weekend getaways easier is by freezing weekday leftovers in servings for two. This allows me to enjoy good food and eliminates the necessity of a stop at the grocery store before I leave or along the route. It’s great to arrive at the campground and just heat up a precooked good meal.

#2 Go on First Trip – You;ve got to just do it. Find a group, sign up for a trip. No trailer is necessary, Get a rented cabin. Rent a motorhome. Bunk with a friend. Stay in a tent or car camp. You have just got to make it happen. All the information has been given here and on so many sites. The problem may be you. Don’t let fear stop you. Join the Girl Campers at Setzers World of Camping for our Camper College or at our Wonderful Women in Waxahachie event April 25-28.

Our annual Wonderful Women in Waxahachie trip is a great place to learn how to Camp Like a Girl. We host every kind of Girl Camper. Experienced RVers, tent campers, car or van campers as well as the “new kids” who rent an RV, stay with a friend or at a hotel. Its the perfect event to get your feet wet!

#1 Camp More was the number one resolution. I had to ask, “what is stopping you from camping more?” There were a few things that I will cover here.

  • Expense. It’s going to be costly if you are staying at full service campgrounds all the time. Consider state parks, Harvest Hosts, a seasonal site. If you join Harvest Hosts you can get 10% off by using the coupon code Girl Camper. Buy the book America’s Guide to Free and Low Cost Campgrounds.by Don Wright. Every site in the book is under $20. Join a membership club like Escapees, Thousand Trails, Sam’s Club.
  • Caring for Aging Parents. Here’s a few ideas. If your parents are able, consider taking them with you. The change of environment is good for everyone. Ask an in law to give you some respite care. Bring in a caretaker and get a few days away.
  • Overcoming anxiety about traveling alone. Leaving what is familiar to you and sojourning to your destination can be daunting to those who don’t travel alone often. Add towing to it and it can become paralyzing. Start by doing short distance trips until you are used to towing and driving out of familiar territory. Use your hands free phone to call a friend and catch up with old friends. It will pass the time and help you stay away from worry. Create a play list that you love and tune out!
  • Not much time off. Ask your employer for summer hours. Earn Fridays off by working an extra hour a day during the winter and building up comp time. Consider using one of your weeks vacation by using the days one at a time to create five three day weekends instead of one week at a time. You can get more out of five three day weekends than one full week.

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