On this week’s show I am chatting with friends and co founders of the Road Trip Mojo site about the music festival scene and Rving. These two things go hand in hand and Jeff Zbar and Barry Bluth have a love for both. They’ve combined that love to create a website that helps fellow music and Rving aficionados find the festivals, navigate the best ways to get there and introduce us to those in the know.

I first met Barry and Jeff at the Florida RV Show two years ago. They are both from Florida and follow the RV scene as closely as the music scene. They were at the show exploring the many new RV’s available and stopped by the Liberty Outdoors booth where I was showing off my Max trailer. I was hooked on their site the minute I logged on. First, I love their tag line, “camping with a better playlist,”  and I am giving them the completely worthless “Best in Show” award from Girl Camper for the “Best RV Influencer Tag Line.” The line to me reveals their low key attitude about enjoying life, camping, music, people, and the journey. Exactly the kind of people I like to travel with.

Jeff and his wife Robbie getting in the festival spirit!!

Jeff is a writer, entrepreneur, and pioneer for the work from home movement. He just celebrated 30 years of employment from his office off the kitchen. He and his wife are almost empty nesters looking forward to that light at the end of the parenting tunnel that so many of us Rvers longing to travel more have focused on.

Barry (r) with musician Shaw Davis at the Bacon and Blues Fest.

Barry by contrast is a dentist in a busy practice with a few more years to go before he can dig in for more RV travel. He lives in south Florida in a beautiful home on the water, enjoys cooking, and camps in a BIG and beautiful Fifth Wheel. He’s come a long way from his and Jeff’s first music festival in a borrowed tent.

Jeff and Robbie Zbar’s Freedom Express RV that has a great outdoor kitchen perfect for festival life.

To hear more of Barry and Jeff’s story on today’s podcast, click on the arrow below.

An epic picture from Lockn Festival 2018. Photo: Road Trip Mojo

Check out Road Trip Mojo for great festivals, interviews and tips for navigating the best camp sites.

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