My Favorite RV Kitchen Hacks 

I want my RV kitchen to do everything my home kitchen does and I am always scouring for RV kitchen tips because it has to do all of that in 10% of the space. Here are a few of my favorites!!

Magnetic Knife Holder – Chef style magnetic knife holders have so many uses in a camper. In the kitchen they can be used to store knives obviously but also to hang other things from. I love the idea of old soup cans on the kitchen magnet holding the potato peeler, wooden spoon and can opener. It would also make a nice place to stash a few wildflowers picked on your hike.

Tomato Soup Cans With Pens/Pencils. Blogger Thecavenderdiary wrote: Tomato soup cans hung on the magnet strip are the perfect place to put pens, pencils, and paint brushes. They don’t really take up that much counter space, but they are just easier to find at eye-level. And yes, I choose the cans for the red color….and a slight nod to Andy Warhol.


Baby Food Jar Spice Rack – courtesy of Coach Vaughn   

Old school baby food jars are a great way to store spices in an easy to grab way. You will need a magnetic strip under the cabinet to hang them from. You can also buy empty food jars with metal lids on Amazon for this purpose.

Related image


Stackable Food Containers – are a great way to save space, keep food fresh and find what you are looking for in a hurry! They can be costly but are worth the investment. Stackable food containers can be purchased at Home Goods, The Container Store and through Amazon.


Tension Rods are a great way to create storage space in a cabinet for hard to store things. When installed vertically they can define a space for serving plates, cutting boards, and cookie sheets. Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.

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Sink Basin Camco makes a kitchen kit that has a small basin, drying rack and sink mat all in one set. I use the basin within my sink and fill it half way with hot soapy water in the morning. Rather than running the water each time I have an item to wash I drop knives, plates and coffee mugs in it all day. Before I start dinner I add some hot water to it and clean up the days dishes all at once. When I am boon docking this is a great way to conserve water.

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Shelf liner – Shelf liner has so many purposes in an RV. You can use it to keep your pots and pans from sliding around in a cabinet while you are driving. You can cut it into small squares and layer it between your stacked plates to keep them in place. You can use small squares on the counter top under a cutting board or mixing bowl to keep them from sliding around while you are preparing food. You can use the Gorilla Grip under your bench cushions to keep them from sliding off the bench seat each time you get up or down.  The


Cabinet door storage –  You can make good use of the inside of a cabinet door in an RV to maximize storage.  Here are some great ideas from One Crazy House on ways to organize with magazine racks.

  • I use the inside of mine for a message center by placing an inexpensive white board there to record my tow vehicle and RV tire PSI. It’s easy to forget the number and then I don’t have to look it up each time.
  • It’s also a great place to write down your grocery list. You can screenshot it to your phone when you go to the store.
  • The back of the cabinet door can hold cutting boards, serving trays, foil, saran wrap and parchment paper in magazine holders fastened to the door back.
  • You can apply hooks there for towels, grilling utensils and pot holders.


magazine holder ideas 4

Refrigerator door – You can pull out the plastic on your RV fridge door by removing the top piece of trim and removing the face front. once it has been removed you can swap it out for a metal insert and use it as a magnetic message board. You can also paint it a different color or cover it in removable wallpaper or with stickers. Painting it with chalk board paint is a good way to use it as a message center and for RV art!! Here’ a great tutorial from Clover House Blog. Another way to add character and style is to apply a pretty vintage metal tray to the fridge door. You can also DIY a new cookie sheet with pretty paper and put that up for magnets and notes. I secured mine with Command strips.




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