Have you found the perfect trailer but are afraid to pull the trigger because it has a wet bath? Are you imagining sloppy pools of water on everything and mold incubating on the walls? Think again. RV’s with wet baths can keep a trailers weight down significantly and give you added floor space where you really want it. Here are a few of the tips I’ve employed in my RV wet bath.

Keeping Towels Dry 

  • Put towels up high by creating a shelf out of spring rods.

You can create a shelf with two spring rods on the bottom and one across to hold towels and products in place.

  • Hang your towels on spring rods and then use another spring rod for a shower curtain to go over them when showering.
  • Hang wire baskets high on the wall and put shower supplies and rolled up towels in them.

Keeping Other Things Dry

  • Put toilet paper in plastic container

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  • Make spring rod shelf for shampoo, bath gel and shower items
  • Use a bamboo mat to keep your drying off towel from dropping into any pooled water on shower floor


  • A bamboo mat let’s you dry off without standing in undrained water caused by an RV that’s not perfectly level.

    Consider an adjustable shower rod to store things


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Solutions in a Wet Bath

  • Hang a rod across shower wall and hang baskets or cans from it for storage.
  • Mount a shower shampoo, conditioner and body gel dispenser.


A wall mounted shower dispenser lets you do away with bottles and is easy to refill.

  • Keep cleaning supplies in a caddy between toilet and wall.
  • Use large Command hooks to hang towels from after the shower.
  • Have a squeegee in the shower and remove water from walls as soon as you are done showering.
  • Use a microfiber towel to get any excess water left behind.
  • Turn on overhead fan after each shower.




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