We just kicked off the second annual Girl Camper Charity RV Raffle benefiting HoldYou Foundation.

Forest River has partnered with Girl Camper by offering us their 2020 r pod 196 for our raffle. We’ve take it from factory to fabulous and our West Virginia Girl Camper Contributing Editor, Ginny McKinney is taking it on the road and giving us a full report on all its attributes. Full details on the raffle can be found here.

We kicked off the raffle by taking our r pod and transforming it Girl Camper Style! Many people tell me that they are afraid to personalize their trailer because they fear devaluing it in case they decide to resell it. We decided that everything we would do to our r pod would be strictly cosmetic and be reversible in the event that whoever wins our trailer could change the design easily.

We started with Spoonflower, makers of over 750K fabrics, wallpapers and home linens. Spoonflower really intrigued us because their designs are consumer contributed. You can upload your own creations and Spoonflower will make them into fabric, wallpaper or even a table cloth for you! They make a wallpaper that is removable and works very much like contact paper. You peel it and stick it on the wall, smoothing it with a plastic tool that comes with it. Because the wallpaper is actually made from fabric it doesn’t tear easily like actual paper wallpaper does. I chose three different designers patterns for our RV and it took me just two afternoons to put up all of the paper. It was very easy to put up and and is repositionable if you did not make the match perfectly. I put on and removed a corner piece about 10 times before I was happy with it.

Spoonflower papers come in two foot widths and different lengths depending on your needs. Each roll comes with a smoothing tool and easy to follow directions.

All you need to do the wallpaper is a tape measure, scissor, and a really sharp utility knife. The smoothing tool comes in each package.

In addition to adding wall color, we upholstered the jack knife sofa in the RV. The sofa that Forest River put in the r pod was really well made and the fabric that was on it was durable and of good quality but just not pretty. I wanted something much more homey and paid $180 for this rust colored pattern. It costs another $400 to have it professionally done.


A few other details that we added to make our RV feel less factory and more fabulous were simple changes that were inexpensive. We took the table that came with the unit out and added a small table from Home Goods that doubles as a magazine rack. It’s big enough for a book and your coffee cup or lap top. We also added a complimentary area rug, changed out the hardware and added throw blankets and pillows.

Other small changes that made big impacts included changing out the factory installed hooks that came on the bar just inside the door. The new larger hooks hold everything from aprons, to shopping bags to dog leashes and kitchen brooms. We also installed artwork that inspires as well as adds style. WanderWide Art  produces several prints we love but our absolute favorite is their National Parks Register print. All sixty one parks in our National Parks system are listed and the print comes with an ink pad and stamp that allows you to check off the parks as you go along. We thought it made a great addition to our RV.











We created a window treatment in the bed area that would allow for light, privacy when needed and airflow. A straight panel on clear 3M removable hooks allows us to raise the panel all the way up for maximum light and air or drop teh top panel down to a second set of hooks allowing privacy while sleeoing but still havingair flow available. We can drop the bottom rod and have complete privacy.


The jack knife sofa makes a great guest bedroom and in this area we did old fashioned curtains with rod pockets to push open or closed as needed. Although our r pod only weighs a little under 3,600 pounds, it comfortably sleeps 3 people.

There are so many ways to make an RV feel like home without structurally changing it. 

  • paint, wallpaper, stencil walls
  • use Washi tape and create your own wall designs
  • change out the cabinet hardware to something you love
  • add personality with wall art
  • buy good hooks that are large and non commercial in style
  • get rugs that you love
  • create window treatments that work best for you
  • reupholster the furniture in a fabric that you love



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