The Girl Campers are taking to the water! We have booked the Arizona Rafting Adventures company to host the Girl Campers for a bucket list Grand Canyon river rafting trip that will take us the full length of the canyon. Out trip will take place the week of July 30-August 6, 2021. That is over 18 months away but Arizona Rafting Adventures books out that far in advance. We applied for a spot in their private group tours over 6 months ago and just received our dates.


We made the decision to go with the motorized rafting trip for a number of reasons, the first being the ability to do the entire canyon with the motorized raft. With the motor doing the work that humans normally do moving the craft downstream, much more ground can be covered. Another reason is that the motor option allows for less muscle power needed on the part of the river guests. This can lead to less time spent on sore muscles and more time to enjoy the sites.

On today’s podcast my guest is Mary Ellen Arndorfer, Girl Camper and former river guide for Arizona Rafting Adventures. Mary Ellen is going to be a co-pilot with us on this trip and on this episode walks us through what a day on the river is like. It’s so much more just looking at canyon walls. The Girl Camper Rafting Trip Adventure will include:

  • coffee at daybreak and a hearty breakfast prepared by the guides
  • teamwork to load the raft and set off for the day
  • side trips down tributaries of the river to swim and hike
  • lunch breaks along the way on quiet areas of the river
  • history lessons by the guides on the rivers history and geology
  • making camp on the beach for the evening with dinner prepared by the guides
  • evenings under the stars deep in the canyon with time to hit the reset button

We will be provided with a sleep kit which includes a thick sleeping mat, sheets and pillow and tents for those who want one. Some people just sleep under the stars. We will also receive a bag that we will transfer our clothing into for easy packing on the raft. All of the supplies for the 8 days including food and gear used by the guides goes on the boat. Everything that goes down the river, comes back.



  • The cost of the trip is $3,065.00 and a 5% discount is given once the trip hits ten guests.
  • Our boat can hold 14-15 guest and we will have 2 or 3 guides for a total of 16-18 people in the raft.
  • The fee does not include airfare to and from our starting point in Flagstaff, Arizona or the one night we will stay in a hotel before we set off.
  • Reservations can be made starting on November 18 and can be made by calling 1-800-786-7238.
  • A $400 deposit is required and is non refundable but is transferrable if you had to cancel.
  • The balance of the fee is due six months before the departure date.
  • It is highly recommended that trip insurance be purchased. The cost is about $170.

To listen to the podcast with all the details from Mary Ellen click here! 





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