Episode 96: National Parks Tour 2017

On this week’s show I’m sharing my top moments of the 2017 National Parks Tour. I started out thinking that I would break it down into tips and tricks for bucket list trips but quickly realized I was not ready to leave the after glow. I was still in the moments and meaning and personal revelations about my travel nature to step out and get academic.

This show is about travel and becoming a girl camper even for those who already are. I learned a few things about my own travel quirks that I wanted to share. I would never want anyone to think I’ve got this all figured out. I had to make a few adjustments along the way. Yes, I know how to tow; how to back up; how to troubleshoot an RV issue. I melted down half way through and had to put myself in time out.

Being a Girl Camper is about a willingness to be uncomfortable in odd places far from home and still be happy you’re on the road. It’s about being adaptable and comfortable alone. It involves being able to question your choices and be honest about your own limitations. I faced all of these issues on this trip and had no choice but to deal with them. It was a great learning experience but more about myself than travel expertise.

These women are so dear to me! They threw Mary and I a surprise campout! It’s a new thing!

My few days in Ohio with the best camping buddies ever, helped rid me of unconscious anxiety about leaving home for so long and being so far away.

The “we did it” moment! Mary and I were pretty happy with ourselves when we reached Badlands. We felt a real sense of accomplishment after so many months of planning.

Camping on the floor of Badlands National Park was a memory making moment. So many travelogues advise skipping it. It was one of my favorite things!

The sunrise at Badlands National Park was as beautiful as the previous nights sunset.

I stopped for lunch at Meadows Lake on the Scenic Hwy Pass over the Big Horn Mountains.

After coming off the mountain I encountered this storm cloud on the way to Greybull, Wyoming.


I couldn’t pass up this classic photo op!

Nirvana on tne Yellowstone River.

Working but playing too.


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