By Kim Foley MacKinnon

Extend hammock season into winter with this smart product by Grand Trunk which combines a down sleeping bag with a hammock. Why didn’t we think of this? No more sliding around with a sleeping bag or blanket trying to stay warm. The hammock is the sleeping bag!

I love hammocks, so much so that I have a portable stand that I bring with me whenever I camp just in case there are no handy trees (or restrictions). I also bring an extra one because once I’m in mine, I’m not getting out! But it can get cold at night, even in spring and fall, so I usually also bring a comforter or sleeping bag with me. Getting in or out of the hammock, though, inevitably leads to them falling onto the ground and getting dirty. This ingenious product solves the issue so elegantly. And no more twisting around trying to keep covered either. Simply zip it up and you’re ready for a toasty nap or even a full night’s sleep. It’s a game changer!

Keep cozy in this hammock.

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