It’s concerning how many people ask fb group audiences how much their vehicle can tow. While some in the groups may have more knowledge than others, this is an important safety question and it’s recommended you do the research yourself to fully understand the various aspects of tow capacity.

While most RV dealerships are probably honest and prioritize your safety, every now and again there might be someone who tries to upsell a customer to a heavier, more expense rig than she should get. This is another reason for you to educate yourself about the tow capacity of your vehicle.

Here are three different videos that cover the different things you need to consider when determining who much weight you can tow. And then you need to consider what you are comfortable towing – just because you CAN tow a certain weight does not mean you should.

Trailer brakes are another topic you should research and understand before you start towing.

If you are towing with a mid-size SUV: does it have a tow package? Does it have a trailer-assist function? What class of receiver hitch comes standard? These important questions help us understand why simply looking at the tow capacity isn’t the end-all, be-all – there are several factors to consider.

Another factor to consider is how much weight you plan to load in your trailer.

When you see people posting the common question of how much they can tow, we can refer them to this post so they have more information to work with. There are four numbers they need to consider. Do you know what they are?

Sometimes people will post, “What can I tow with my (insert name of tiny SUV here)?” and we might think, “Don’t tow with that, get a tent!” If you want to tow with an SUV instead of a pick-up, here are a few vehicles that could work for you:

The good news is, teardrop trailers are hot right now and give people with smaller SUVs some fun options. You still need to fully understand your tow capacity based on the first video.

Here’s another useful tutorial on towing.

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