I’m a BIG fan of using natural solutions to clean and disinfect. My late husband had an environmental cancer and when I learned of all the toxins in our everyday household cleaners and air fresheners, I immediately changed my ways. Now that I live in a tiny home on wheels, I feel it’s even more imperative to keep chemicals and fragrance out because of the small space. Chemicals and fragrance in our cleaning and personal care products can have a decidedly negative affect on our bodies and makes us highly vulnerable to cancers, respiratory issues, hormonal imbalances, and unwanted skin conditions. The good news is that we have more control over the unwanted affects than we think. While we can’t escape every toxin out there we can certainly support our bodies and our health by choosing chemical-free whenever possible.

When the coronavirus struck and it was difficult to purchase disinfectants, wipes, cleaning supplies, bleach and all other cleaning supplies, I didn’t really worry. I simply grabbed a gallon of white vinegar, a jug of peroxide, some liquid castile soap and a few essential oils. Viola! Hospital-grade disinfectant and a cleaner that works as well bleach with no harmful chemicals or fragrance that cause respiratory issues. Because who needs that right now? (Please note that this does not kill the coronavirus, it is a non-toxic everyday cleaner.)

And… it smells absolutely divine.

We should take great care, now more than ever, to support our immune systems. And when we are in our campers — a small enclosed place — every chemical we eliminate helps in that endeavor.

Odds are probably high that you might already have hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar in your kitchen or medicine cabinet. Simply pick up a few other ingredients at the natural foods store or Amazon, and you’ll have a healthy fresh-smelling cleaner and disinfectant to last you several months.

Also a quick tip! When using any type of hand sanitizer, make sure you completely saturate your hands and rub in for 45-60 seconds; tops of hands, in-between fingers, and wrists too.

Non-toxic cleaner*

In a spray bottle add in this order, secure the top, and shake well. Use in kitchen, bathroom, windows, vehicles, etc!

  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon liquid Castile soap – unscented
  • 20 drops pine essential oil
  • 20 drops rose geranium essential oil
  • 10 drops rosemary essential oil

Non-toxic disinfectant*

In a spray bottle add 1 part of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 3 parts of distilled water to make it approximately .5% dilute. Spray on surfaces and let sit one minute.

*Do not ingest.



lorri weisen - nomadic health coach

Author: Lorri Weisen is the Girl Camper Health and Wellness Expert. A recent widow, she travels the country full time in her Little Guy Max teardrop trailer exploring, experiencing and sharing what’s good—good adventures, good health, good life.

You can follow her travels on  Facebook and Instagram, or jump on her website, The Nomadic Health Coach to learn more about her. 

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