In this episode of the Girl Camper podcast, your host, Lesa McDermott, focuses on exploring the world overlanding, a form of self-reliant travel using vehicles, with guest Azure O’Neil from Overland Expo. Azure explains this type of camping, which involves traveling long distances in a vehicle-dependent manner, where the journey itself is the primary purpose rather than the destination. The discussion covers various types of vehicles used for overlanding, ranging from motorcycles to high-end expedition vehicles, and highlights the inclusivity of the activity regardless of one’s socioeconomic status.

Essential Gear & Mindset

The episode also touches on essential overlanding gear, emphasizing the importance of mindset and preparedness over material items. Azure shares personal anecdotes and experiences, underlining how the overlanding community is highly supportive and generous, often coming to the aid of fellow travelers. She also delves into the importance of adhering to environmental best practices, such as staying on designated trails to minimize impact on ecosystems, with references to organizations like Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly.

Overland Expo: A Community Event

Azure provides detailed information about Overland Expo, their large events held in various locations across the U.S. that feature camping, educational programs, exhibitors, and community activities. These expos cater to everyone, from curious families to seasoned overlanders, offering a range of experiences and learning opportunities. Azure discusses emerging trends in overlanding, including the growing participation of families, women, and the rise of electric vehicles.


The episode concludes with an invitation for listeners to join upcoming Overland Expo and a reminder to connect with Girl Camper through their website and social media channels.

For those interested in exploring the world overlanding, this episode is a treasure trove of insights and practical advice, showcasing the limitless possibilities and inclusive nature of this adventurous lifestyle.

To learn more about Overland Expo visit their website.

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