On this weeks show we are continuing our exploration of the different types of RVs available and their advantages and disadvantages. My guest is Class B owner Carole Steinberg who has been full timing in her Mercedes Sprinter for four years now. Carole purchased a new Sprinter and outfitted it to fit her needs.

Before transitioning to the Class B Carole owned many vintage trailers and was an experienced trailer flipper. In our interview Carole talks about her decision to go full time and why the Class B was the right RV for that time in her life.

Carole’s experience renovating travel trailers helped crystallize her vision for her Sprinter. She hired a professional to do the work that she designed.

Carole travels with friends and does a lot of boondocking on BLM land. She spends the winter months in warm, dry climates.

Carole had a little rescue dog named Dolly that is the perfect Class B size travel companion.

I have always enjoyed Carole’s happy spirit. She’s the silver lining in her friends lives!

The Class B can ge used as your everyday vehicle and is a good way to transport flea market finds.

Pros and Cons of the Class B Motor Home


  • Easy to park and maneuver
  • Costs less than a Class A or C
  • Can be used as your main vehicle as well as RV
  • Gets you outside more – more of a sleep space than lounge area
  • Easy to store. Can be parked in a driveway
  • Good way to test if you like RVing before you make big purchase
  • Easier to customize – can be purchased empty
  • Better fuel economy than Class A or C
  • Offers passenger access to kitchen, bathroom, food while driving
  • Good touring vehicle for day trips – tailgating
  • Extra  guest room at your home
  • Can still tow something – boat, travel trailer, bikes
  • Diesel or gas powered available
  • Can travel under the radar in an unmarked version offering increased safety for solo travelers
  • Can leave an unsafe situation without having to get out of vehicle unlike travel trailer


  • Small space with limited storage
  • Stuck inside in bad weather
  • Pricey compared to travel trailer
  • Limited flexibility in floor plan options
  • Appliance sizes are much smaller
  • Only comfortable for one or two people
  • Have to unplug it every time you leave campsite to sightsee

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