When you’re out camping, there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. In this episode of The Girl Camper Podcast, Janine Pettit, Girl Camping Ambassador and Editor in Chief of Girl Camper Magazine, chats with Hailey Altobelli from RVMattress.com. They discuss essential tips and advice on finding the perfect mattress for your camper.

Why RV Mattresses Matter

During the conversation, Hailey highlights a common issue among RV owners: the stock RV mattress is often uncomfortable and poorly constructed. Unlike home mattresses, RV mattresses frequently come in unusual sizes and shapes. As a result, they don’t always provide the best comfort for sleepers. Hailey emphasizes that quality materials and long-lasting comfort are key to a good mattress. It’s important to have options tailored to different sleeping styles and positions.

Customization Options

Next, Hailey explains the customization options available at RVMattress.com. With over 22 sizes, five heights, and three firmness options, RV Mattress ensures there’s something for everyone. For instance, Janine shares her personal experience of taking the mattress quiz on their website, which led her to the Aurora Luxe, a cooling mattress perfect for hot sleepers like her.

Mattress Construction and Durability

Moreover, Hailey elaborates on the construction and durability of their mattresses. All products are designed and constructed in their Phoenix, Arizona facility, ensuring close quality control. The mattresses are made to order, using high-quality materials that withstand compression and roll packing. Additionally, RVMattress.com offers a 10-year warranty, reflecting their confidence in the longevity of their products.

Accessories and Additional Products

Besides mattresses, RVMattress.com offers various accessories such as sheets, pillows, and mattress protectors. Although these accessories are sourced from trusted wholesalers, they meet the high-quality standards set by the company. Hailey particularly recommends their weighted blanket for hot sleepers.

Giveaway and Discount for Girl Campers

Excitingly, RVMattress.com has partnered with Girl Camper for a special giveaway. By joining the Girl Camper Facebook page and tagging a friend, participants can win a mattress of their choice. Both the winner and their tagged friend will receive a mattress. Contest ends June 21, 2024. Additionally, Girl Campers can enjoy a 25% discount on all orders using the code “GirlCamper” at checkout.

Investing in a quality RV mattress is crucial for a comfortable camping experience. The Girl Camper Podcast episode with Hailey Altobelli from RVMattress.com provides insights into selecting the perfect mattress for your camper. Don’t forget to join the giveaway and use the discount code to enhance your camping comfort!

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