Tampa RV supershow interview with Andy of General RV

Are you in the market for your first, or next RV? This is an interview I had with Andy from General RV and we discuss some of the important questions you should consider when you are a first time RV buyer. Knowing the answers to most of these will help when looking at a dealership. Good for first time RV buyers or for a refresher for repeat RV buyers.

Andy with General RV

Are there specific features you are looking to have in your RV? If you are thinking of towing, do you know your towing capacity, because it’s a very important element to consider before making a purchase. Do you enjoy looking at the new rigs because we all know, sometimes it’s just fun to check out new features and layouts.

Here is another article from The Family Travel Atlas with an RV Buying Guide. Our own Girl Camper-In-Chief, Janine has podcast #156 https://girlcamper.com/episode-156-analysis-paralysis-choosing-the-right-rv-now/ with great information for first time RV buyers.

If you have other questions that you would like to see addressed, drop me a message and I will respond.

Happy shopping.

-Judi George, Girl Camper Chapter Guide Florida

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