It’s the start of the New Year and I have some fantastic food storage and organization items for you. Let’s face it, keeping your refrigerators, ice chests, lunch bags and RV refrigerators organized is a chore. But with a little help and creativity you can master this and so much more when it comes to your food.

Fridge to Freezer

Having a container to store your left overs in that is freezer and microwave safe is key. The Russbe Large Navy Inner Seal Bento Lunch Box with its three compartments and air tight gasket you food will stay fresh. Dishwasher safe and BPA, PVC, latex and phthalate-free

Looking for a way to eliminate plastic wrap from your pantry? The reusable Six-qu Silicone Storage Covers are made from food safe silicone and are microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe and FDA approved.

Doest the fear of having glass at the campground keep you from using glass storage containers? Have no fear the Thrive Market Stainless Steel Nesting Trio food storage bowls with lock lids are your answer.

Cutlery the ECO Way

Packing a lunch and taking it to work means using plastic utensils or bringing your home cutlery with you. The TO-GO WARE BAMBOO UTENSIL SET eliminates the fear of loosing a fork or knife to your home set. This set of bamboo fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks is essential.

Sometimes we need to pack a plate to go along with our packed lunches. The Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Disposable Round Dinner Plates are a must. Fully recyclable and compostable this is how you help the landfills verses harming them.

So you are hosting a potluck and a few people forgot to bring their forks, knifes and spoons. Not to worry Eco-Products have you covered with their biodegradable utensils.

Eliminate Plastic Bags

Using plastic zip top bags are a convenience but do you ever think how long it takes for that bag to decompose. With the Qualeap Stand Up Reusable Sandwich Bags you do not have to worry since they are reusable! Simply wash with soap and water and pack that sandwich for another day at work or hitting the trails.

The folks at Bee’s Wrap found a way to develop a product that helps you eliminate plastic storage bags. Simply wrap your sandwich, sliced apples, pieces of cheese, trail mix or leftovers and forget about the waste. Reuse these wraps over and over and with a life span of 6-12 months its a good investment. Quick tip, beeswax is anitfungal and antibacterial hence these wraps are safe to store food in.

The POAO Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag silicone food storage bags are durable and meant to hold liquids. With a resealing top you can fill the bags up with left over soup, bean, oatmeal, past and rice. Bonus time, its freezer safe too.

Camping Food Prep and Beyond

Are you a hiker? Does exploring and hiking miles and miles every day call to your wanderlust heart? Well, Harmony House Backpacking Kit has you covered in the food storage area. Let’s face it your backpack has a limited amount of space and food takes up quite a bit of that. With this kit there are 18 bags of pre measured food to help you create delicious meals at your campground.

Having a light weight and organized camping kitchen set is what most hikers need. The kit includes a spoon, spatula, collapsible whisk and waterproof shakers for seasoning, this kit has it all. A cutting board, sponge and towel make for easy clean up. You can find this compact kit through GSI Outdoors Gourmet Kitchen 11 Set.

How about a nesting cook set? The SEA TO SUMMIT – ALPHA 2 POT COOK SET 2.2has two pots, two bows and two cups that all nestle inside each other giving you a ton of space in your camper of kitchen kit.

Home and RV Refrigerator

Keep the food in your refrigerator fresh and organized. Oxo the leading house ware company has created the Green Saver Produce Keeper. Keep your strawberries, blueberries, grape and lettuce fresh, crisp and safe from being bruised.

One essential tool for the refrigerator is a deodorizer. This eco friendly, reusable charcoal activated devise keep bad smells away. The Remodeez Aqua Refrigerator Deodorizer lasts up to 6 months helps to control humidity and it can be recharged by placing it in the sun.

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