Arriving 4 hours before the big game is a must for some die-hard sports enthusiasts. But instead of standing in the line to enter the stadium, they are lighting the grills, starting the smokers and assembling some of the most mouthwatering appetizer spreads imaginable. Gourmet grilled hotdogs, smoked stuffed jalapenos, smash burgers, bourbon-glazed ribs and craft cocktails are all on the list.

Having the right tools and equipment is the key. Buying a sturdy and portable BBQ is a must, having a handful of easy to clean cutting boards is essential. Buying a reliable cooler and packing it correctly will keep your food cold and food safe. Decorations and covers are just as important as the food, you will want a reliable pop up to keep out of the hot sun or windy cold. Collapsible chairs that pack up easily, tables that work both as a food prep area and then as a serving area.

Sharing food with friends and family is all part of the experience, even sharing food with other tailgaters is a must. Find your tailgating tribe, get the correct equipment and practice some of these delicious recipes before the big sports day arrive

Cooking Good Memories! 💗 Kate

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She is the author of The Campground Gourmet, Simple Delicious Recipes for Dining in the Great Outdoors, where Kate’s mission is to show you how delicious and simple outdoor cooking can be. Spending time at the campground started with her grandparents and now continues with her family as they travel all over the United States in search of food, fun and the joy of the open road.

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