Thanksgiving is a holiday scented with delicious food filled with memories. But for some the same old roast turkey and green bean casserole just isn’t cutting it. Recently, I was looking through some of my favorite websites and came upon this fantastic Thanksgiving meal plan from Bon Appetite.

Golden roasted turkey, whipped mashed potatoes, delicious Brussels sprouts and a twist on Thanksgiving dressing, my favorite side dish of the meal. Here, expert chefs have spent months testing and tasting their way through the perfect menu for all of us to enjoy. Simple sourced foods and ingredients you will find in your local grocery stores.

Inf you’re planning your Thanksgiving day menu, take a new look at the tried-and-true recipes to serve your friends and family for this holiday and holidays to come. Kick up the flavor combinations, step outside your comfort zone but most of all – remember you’re cooking good memories for your family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, from my campfire to yours.

💗 -Kate

p.s. – Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes for inspiration!

About Kate Dunbar

She is the author of The Campground Gourmet, Simple Delicious Recipes for Dining in the Great Outdoors, where Kate’s mission is to show you how delicious and simple outdoor cooking can be. Spending time at the campground started with her grandparents and now continues with her family as they travel all over the United States in search of food, fun and the joy of the open road.

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