Springtime is almost here, that means the trees are in bloom and the hills are a magical carpet of colorful wildflowers. Could there be a better time of year to go have a picnic than spring? Gather your friends, family and delicious food for your day trip, I have all the gear suggestions you need below.

Picnic Gear

Insulated picnic bags are the way to go, they keep your cold food cold or your warm food warm. This picnic bag from Igloo is the perfect pick.

My heart has always had eyes for the classic and charming wicker picnic basket. This one from Houzz has all the essential 14 items you will need for your picnic.

Ice chest with wheels are convenient and can save some strain on your back. Coleman has designed a durable cooler that has an amazing amount of space for all your food items and beverages.

Backpack coolers are perfect for hikes and exploring the outdoors where a rolling or large ice chest is out of the question. The Dakine is my personal pick and the pattern matches my vintage Hawaiian themed 1962 Shasta trailer perfectly.

Food storage is key. You want your sandwiches, salads and side dishes protected from getting squashed or leaking in your cooler. Thank goodness for Rubbermaid they have you covered.

With all of us paying attention to the environment and doing whatever we can to help keep items out of the landfill, using eco picnic ware is responsible and practical. This selection from Veneerware of plates, cups, forks, spoons and knives are exactly what you need.

Picnic Basket Accessories

What would a picnic be without a bottle of wine, a cold craft beer or a refreshing sparkling water? This multi tool wine opener from Williams Sonoma   has everything you need and then some! Even a small grater for a bit of fresh grated parmesan cheese over your salad. .

This camper inspired blanket from L.L. Bean will ensure a comfortable and safe place to sit while enjoying conversation and your delicious food. Best part about it is that it’s waterproof.

Don’t forget about our four-legged friends that accompany us on our picnics, I have chosen something for them from Chewy. The perfect collapsable water or food bowl, its under $5

Some of us would love grilled kabobs, burgers or a mouthwatering steak on our picnic. The Cuisinart Venture Portable Grill is exactly what you need. Besides the grill there is a cutting board and storage for your grill tools.

Who doesn’t love a game of checkers or chess? This portable game set from Pendleton takes up a small amount of space and will have your friends playing games in the great outdoors.

Fancy Food Find

Some of you have heard Janine Pettit and myself talk at great lengths about my love of salt. Here are some of my favorite salts for your salads, main dishes, pickled foods and grilled foods.

*Pure flake sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Company.

*Black Lava Sea Salt from Savory Spice adds color and a great flavor to salads and grilled salmon.

*Himalayan pink salt from San Francisco Salt Co is exactly what you want to use in salad dressings and on roasted vegetables.

*Infused salts add layers of delicious flavor. Jacobsen Salt Company has over 14 delicious infusions for you to choose from. In my cabinet right now; rosemary, garlic, lemon and pinot noir.

A Touch of Sweet

Dessert is essential while on a great picnic, it is the finishing taste to a beautiful day in the outdoors. Finding these sweet treats for you was very hard, I had to do quite a bit of taste testing, but it was worth every bite! from cakes, cookies, and chocolates Harry & David is your one stop shop.

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