Ford F 150 Towing Technology with Brian Bell

On today’s show I am talking towing technology with Brian Bell, the Ford Marketing Manager for F150’s and the Ford Ranger. Each week in my mail bag I receive letters from women wishing to hit the road in an RV and they often express the same fear –  towing! “I’m afraid to tow.” “I don’t think I can hitch a trailer up by myself.” “I won’t be able to park it at the campground.” “I’m so afraid of trailer sway.”

I can tell you this – these are concerns for many people and the engineers at Ford have been developing technology that makes towing easier and safer than ever before. Today Brian Bell is talking about the F150, Ford’s biggest selling truck. I have had an F150 fan since I bought my first truck over 11 years ago. That V8 5.7L work truck had very few amenities but was as comfortable and reliable as an old shoe. When I replaced it my husband insisted I buy one with a few more bells and whistles considering the number of miles I drive each year. I bought the Lariat V6 3.5L ecoboost with lots of bells and whistles.

  • The rear camera is great for backing up and hooking up the trailer especially when I am traveling alone. Rather than getting in and out of the truck cab to see where I am I can maneuver the truck to the trailer hitch in one move.
  • My new truck has a built in trailer brake controller for use when I need a little extra braking power.
  • Tow Haul Mode allows me to not have to figure out myself what gear I should be in for the conditions I am driving in. It automatically “reduces gear hunting, improves power delivery.”
  • The Smart Trailer Tow Connector lets me run through a check list to make sure I have not forgotten any of the steps in hitching up.

Yellowstone Summer of 2017

Ford has many other towing features that provide not only safety but confidence on the road.

Trailer Reverse Guidance offering three cameras to assist in backing up and maneuvering a trailer. This is a great feature for those new to RVing concerned about backing into a campsite, getting in and out of a parking lot and getting gas in tight spots.

Lane Keeping Alert sounds to let you know you may be drifting out of your lane.

The Smart Trailer Tow Connector allows drivers to be alerted to problems with their trailer lights and battery,

Anti Sway Technology

Trailer Reverse Guidance

In addition to all of the smart towing features I really love my rear step that folds out of the tailgate allowing me to get in and out of the bed of the truck much easier; the heated and air conditioned seats; the hands free features for using the phone while driving and the leather seats which are not only comfortable but so easy to clean and maintain. Last year I drove close to 30K miles and this year it’s looking like I will match or beat that number.  I am so glad that I decided on the Lariat since in so many ways my truck is my office, home away from home and safe harbor when I am on the road.

A favorite feature of mine since I always have so much stuff in the back of my truck!!

I really hope that knowing about these available features helps ease the fears that  those new to towing have. It has never been more comfortable or safer to tow an RV. Click here for more information about the F150. 

Tow Like a Girl !!