With limited space, it pays to keep an organized fridge! Check out Janine’s video on fridge organization with Camco.

Great Tips

Janine Pettit, brand ambassador for Camco and founder of Girl Camper, shares tips on preparing her Keystone Hideout camper for the summer season using her favorite Camco products. She starts with the refrigerator, highlighting the Camco Slip Stop, a drawer and cabinet liner that prevents items from sliding during travel. Pettit uses Slip Stop in her refrigerator to keep items like cans and condiments secure. She also utilizes it in her RV freezer to simplify defrosting: she places a piece of Slip Stop in the freezer, which collects frost. When defrosting, she removes the liner, crunches the ice in the RV sink, and returns the liner to the freezer.

Make sure that air can circulate!

Pettit also recommends the Camco aerator and charcoal deodorizer, a battery-operated device that circulates air in the RV refrigerator and includes a deodorizing charcoal component. This helps maintain efficiency and freshness in the fridge, particularly important given RV refrigerators lack a built-in circulating fan. She advises keeping the fridge at around 35 degrees for optimal performance and ensuring air can circulate by not overpacking.

To prevent items from tipping over, such as almond milk or orange juice, Pettit demonstrates a clever solution involving a wedge that secures items in place on the refrigerator’s shelves. Another useful gadget is the RV swing arm, which keeps the refrigerator door open when not in use, preventing mold and odors.

Pettit also uses the Camco egg holder to securely store eggs, avoiding the hassle of cracking them into a squeeze container. For travel days, she employs a refrigerator bar to secure items by pushing them back and minimizing movement, simulating the effects of a 5.0 earthquake. These practical hacks ensure that her RV fridge remains organized and functional throughout her camping adventures.

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