Full Time Solo Woman RVer: Karen Peterson Episode 132

On this week’s podcast I interview Karen Peterson on her path to becoming a full time solo woman RVer. Karen took a look at her retirement income and the travel she wanted to do. She knew that if she kept her brick and mortar house she would have to limit her travel plans to keep paying house bills and also limit the type of RV she would have to travel in. She decided to forgo the permanent residence and live full time in a Class B Motorome that she would buy and design herself.

Karen joins me for a two part episode discussing first, what her family thought; what kind of apprehension she felt; how she approached downsizing forty years of accumulated stuff and why she chose an empty Class B Mercedes Sprinter and decided to outfit it herself.

Many women have the dream of going full time and I was so pleased to hear Karen share her vision and how she made it happen. You can have the dream, the means, the chutzpah to do it, but you will also need a starting point and an action plan. Listening to Karen’s story was inspiring and I hope it helps those with similar aspirations find their starting point. On next weeks episode Karen answers listeners questions posted on line about her actual life on the road once her dream became a reality. Happy Trails Karen.

Topics discussed on today’s episode. 

  • Reactions from friends and family
  • Nerves? Second thoughts?
  • Why a Class B?
  • Why design your own van?
  • Must haves in a motorhome?
  • Where you camp?
  • Travel goals?
  • Choosing where to go?
  • Workkamping.