Left, Right, Center – A Fast and Fun Way to Make Friends

Are you looking for a fast-paced game that’s easy to teach for your next camping trip or family gatering? Then Left-Center-Right (LCR) a perfect fast and fun way to make friends and bring your family together. Gather your next group around a picnic table and let the fun begin!

Easy to learn and easy to play

The game is easy to learn and requires no special skill. It moves very quickly and is really fun with 4 -10 players. In LCR, you’re trying to be the last person to have any chips, but depending on your dice roll, you might be forced to give chips to other players. There aren’t a lot of rules, so new players learn the game after the first few turns. The simple rules are easy to find online. https://youtu.be/4-m5oDO2Hg4

The game moves very quickly and no player is down or out for long. A player who has no chips one round can easily win, as fortunes reverse quickly. Left Right Center is a fast and fun way to make friends and bring your family together.

LRC won’t take up much room in your gear

One of the advantages of playing the game while camping for is the playing pieces are compact, inexpensive, portable and light weight. That can be very helpful if you are pulling an ultra-lightweight trailer like mine!

You can find the dice for the game from a variety of sources. Here’s the Amazon link to my favorite dice. Amazon.com: JHFY Left Right Center dice Game Prime Set Bundle- 4 Pack : Toys & Games

Add some fun to your next camping trip or family gathering

I may be biased because I won the “pot” the first time I played, but I think you’ll agree that LRC is a fun and fast way to make new friends. Add some fun to your next campout by teaching your family and friends how to play. I think you’ll find Left-Right-Center LRC is a fast and fun way to make friends and bring family together!

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